• 5 Computer Based Test Tips You Must Know Before The 2018 JAMB EXAMINATION Day

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    Our existence here at ogbonetutors is no longer news as we are widely known for bringing top information as regards the 2018 JAMB examination that is to hold soonest. If you are yet to see our latest updates as regards the exam, you can visit the homepage.
    Today we have decided to sort information and bring to you necessary things to know on the 2018 computer based test tricks. Now you need to take this that so many students are not computer literate.
    Many students have fumbled as a result of power computer knowledge and exam hall orientation. This is why we have put this together in the simplest way for you to be able to understand.

    1.      The Monitor :

    The monitor on or before that day would have been programed with all the things you need. As in the lower part of your first print out and as in one of our post on ogbongetutors.com.ng, it was stated that you shouldn’t came to the hall with a calculator, this is because there will be an onscreen calculator for you to use.
    This is why you must be aware of what you will see now so you wont get confused in the center.
    There are two things involved. When you seat in front of your computer, it is either you computer is off or on. To resolve this, it is either you move your mouse or if the monitor doesn’t come up, you will call the attention of the supervisors.
    What will come up next is where to input your details and login.

    2.      The Mouse :

    The mouse is a small rat like thing that you will use in click anything you want to do on the monitor. You will RIGHT CLICK.
    You must be fast and yet smart when using the mouse so as to be quick and not to make mistakes.
    Be sure to confirm answers before moving away.
    There is always a NEXT button to move to other questions which you must be conscious of.
    When you are holding the mouse, you shouldn’t wear an anxious mood or fearful one, be calm and smart.

    3.      The Keyboard :

    Now often times we have heard people complain that their mouse gave them problem in the exam hall. This is why at ogbongetutors.com.ng we have decided to bring this alternative to your door steep.
    When you mouse stop functioning or start malfunctioning, you can turn to you keyboard and begin to use.

    4.      Sitting Position :

    This on important thing that we are not conscious of but really counts. The way each exam center is arranged differs, there are some that wrong sitting can make you mistakenly step on a socket or power button that will just make you computer off.
    It has happened before and this is from experience, so the exam hall is not a place to go and sit down lackadaisically.  

    5.      Time Factor :

    There is a need to be time conscious , you have 250 questions to answer within a short period of time so you need to be as fast as you can and accurate. Even if you subscribe to our runz package, you need to be smart so as to calmly put in the answers sent to you.
    Be careful on how to use the FINISH button at the top of the monitor or anyother sensitive part of the test.

    You can also contact us today and lets help you complement your reading with our Ogbonge Tutor RUNZ PACKAGE. Well packaged QUESTIONS and ANSWERS sent to you the night before the exam.


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