• Latest Update and Things To Know About The 2018 JAMB Examination Slip Reprinting

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    There has been various sayings and postings that went viral online lately as regards the 2018 JAMB slip reprinting. People though followed the earlier date stated by the JAMB board for the reprinting of the slip but due to some internal issues, the earlier stated date might not work again.

    It is a known fact that even the registration deadline was postponed, this first of all should have created a clued that there will be a possibility in the postponing of other things pertaining to the 2018 JAMB Examination.

    One reason that can also be traced to this sip printing is the internal issues of misappropriation of money within the jamb system. It is no longer news that not only the 36 million Naira so swallowed by a snake was missing within the system, it only opened a channel for others to be discovered.
    In our further research at ogbongetutors.com.ng, our attention was also called to the fact that even the mock earlier stated to hold is yet to be done. There are no news as regards that yet but as soon as we lay our hands on it, you will find it here at ogbongetutors.com.ng

    We want to say emphatically that the reason for the panic and raising of false alarm by jambites is as a result of their impatience to write the exam and forget it. In our chat with one of our group members on Facebook, we said but not with absolute certainty that the exam might not be conducted until late march or early April with the way things are going.

    Either way, we advise all candidates to keep their fingers crossed and continue in their reading  for the exam, just keep checking your email for latest info from jamb, though we will be updating you here.

    when it is time for reprinting, it will be well broadcast-ed to the public.

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    Ogbongetutors.com.ng wish you all the best as you prepare.

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